About the Chapter 115 Program:

What is Chapter 115? The Chapter 115 Program provides financial assistance for food, shelter/housing, clothing, and medical care to veterans and their dependents with limited incomes. It is established by state law and run by the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) in partnership with local Veterans’ Service Officers (VSOs). You may be eligible for up to $2,2570.

Who can get Chapter 115 Benefits? Chapter 115 is a benefit veterans earn through their service. To qualify, you must be a veteran or a dependent of a veteran, have financial need, and live in Massachusetts. Dependents can include children, spouses, and even some parents. Financial need is determined based on your income and assets.

How does Chapter 115 work? Your city or town’s local VSO takes applications, gets approval from DVS, and distributes benefits. All applications are confidential.

Click here to learn more about Chapter 115, including how to find out if you are eligible, get an estimate of your benefits, and information on how to apply.

Are you having trouble filing an application for Chapter 115 Veterans Benefits? We are working to find solutions to make sure all eligible veterans and their dependents get the benefits they have earned. Your answers will help us.

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Chapter 115: Tell Us About Your Experience!

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To calculate an estimate of what benefits you might be eligible for from the Chapter 115 program, visit:

To locate the contact information for your local Veterans Service Officer to apply for benefits visit and type your zip code into the blue box.

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