The CHOIR Holiday Challenge

About the CHOIR Holiday Challenge

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Each holiday season, CHOIR selects a worthy area nonprofit organization to support.  This year, CHOIR will be supporting Veterans Legal Services.  Veterans Legal Services (VLS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Boston, MA that provides free legal services to low-income veterans in greater Boston, helping veterans in areas such as housing, family, consumer, and benefits. VLS services include an on-site legal clinic and medical-legal partnership with the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital.  Over the past year, VLS serviced approximately 800 veterans’ cases.  Please see below for examples of the life-changing impact of their important work.

To join us in supporting this important cause, please Click Here.  Suggested donation is $25.

In the Veterans’ Own Words

“Without the assistance I have received from Veterans Legal Services, I would be in a homeless shelter, depressed, and with no motivation. Now, I’m getting medical treatment, looking for a place to live, and have actually found a reason to focus on my therapy and upcoming surgeries with confidence. They have given me hope for myself, my children, and our future together.”

-David, U.S. Navy Veteran

“Just, the worry and the fear that I was facing – we got the eviction notice from his attorney, and, what a mean guy he was, and [my volunteer attorney] was just unbelievable … Everyone from VLS has been awesome … A whole weight fell off my back. It’s been amazing. I never thought, at 54, that I’d be owning my own home.”

-William, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

“[My volunteer attorney] made me feel comfortable in what to do and he helped me … It has had a tremendous impact. Without [VLS] helping me out, I would not have been able to financially start over.”

-Daniel, U.S. Navy Veteran

“[Veterans Legal Services]…kept me from drowning in this vast legal system and gave me back my dignity.”

-Tom, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

“The professionalism, time spent, and attention to detail made me feel as if I were their only client. I can’t say this enough: I am extremely grateful for what VLS does and continues to do. I could not have handled this on my own.”

-Michael, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

“I had charges from years ago that were still haunting me. So [my volunteer attorney] and I got together, and I gave him all my degrees and medals, and he wrote up a summary. And we had to go to court and the judge was nice, and [my volunteer attorney] was there with me, helping me.  And I got everything [sealed], and everything is good to go … It will help with upcoming [employment] interviews.”

– U.S. Air Force Veteran

If you would like to learn more about Veterans Legal Services, click here.

Contact us

Veterans Legal Services

P.O. Box 8457
Boston, MA 02114

Tel: (857) 317-4474
Fax: (844) 621-2797